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It’s not just the website; we also design a smooth user experience that entices users to return. We are regarded as one of the top businesses that design custom websites. Among our web development services are:


The top website development company is CoTasks. Because we only utilise the best, most up-to-date, and most deserving technologies to create online projects, we’re in the business of excellent web development. Focusing on process-driven development, each of us at CoTasks strives to produce outstanding website development services and speedy product-to-market delivery so that users (client’s customers) don’t look anywhere else because they can find everything they need on the websites we construct.

Our approach is the same whether we’re working with a startup, corporate, or large-scale organization; it’s to understand how people will interact with your product and improve it to maximize user engagement and pleasure.

Having completed more than 500+ projects across a variety of industries and business domains, including healthcare, education, eCommerce, finance, media, entertainment, travel, and automotive, we have more than 5+ years of expertise providing custom web development services for clients worldwide.

Our team includes developers for Magento, WordPress, and Shopify as well as experts in HTML5, CSS3, Joomla, PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, and Drupal. Your time and money will be well spent on them.

Performance-driven website development company that delivers value to your precise business needs


Advanced Web Development

We are skilled in cutting-edge technologies like HTML5, CSS3, CakePHP 3.X for creative technical execution.

Cloud-based Dev

Using cloud services to their full potential to accelerate the development process.

Dedicated web teams

In order for our customers to benefit the most from our service, all of our professionals are certified in the various technologies they use.

Full-cycle Development

includes system design, implementation, testing, and deployment as well as project planning, requirement analysis, and deployment.

Quality Assurance

Our top priority is quality, thus every website we create goes through a meticulous bug-fixing procedure.

Consolidation & Integration

We integrate potential tools, innovative technologies and good quality designs.

Agile & Adaptive

We are one of the top web development companies and have a solid track record of success using our agile strategy.

Maintenance & Support

After your website goes online, our team is available whenever you need us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price varies from project to project depending on the complexity and features of the web development project. Share your project’s specs with the web development business for an accurate cost estimate, and they will respond with that information.

Here is a quick walk-around of a few of the website development services:

  • Responsive web development
  • Cloud management system (CMS) development
  • Website re-designing
  • B2B & B2C e-commerce websites
  • Web-based enterprises solutions
  • Magento web development

Our talented team of web designers and programmers has expertise in the web development platforms listed below.
Python Magento
Closed Cart
You can use a handful of these platforms for your web development tasks. Connect with us if you need assistance or if you have any questions regarding the platforms we offer.

We provide the following three alternative developer recruiting methods.
Dedicated employment: Suitable for significant projects where you require a committed group to work under your direction. You will be able to pay the developers on a monthly basis under this strategy.

Time-based hiring is appropriate for projects whose requirements are not known in advance. With this strategy, you can employ developers for the number of hours you require and pay them hourly.

For projects with set needs, the fixed price approach is appropriate. You can recruit a team of developers and pay them using milestones by adopting this methodology.

Any web development project that aims to determine how the finished website will operate must include testing. You can appoint a group of quality analysts to enhance the testing’s quality. Our web development services come with a standard bug test as part of the price.

Your hosting prices will vary depending on the server you select. The user base of the online application will have an impact on web hosting costs as well. You will have to pay more for hosting as the user base grows.

All of the work we completed for you is regarded as intellectual property of yours. In other words, when your website is launched, you will receive the source code.

Yes, we provide post-maintenance assistance to assist our clients in implementing continuous website changes, such as the addition of new features. By getting in touch with our sales staff, you may discover more about our post-maintenance support services.

Our clients can get in touch with us right away. The following tools are used by us to let our clients monitor the development of their projects.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • WhatsApp
  • Active Zoho Project

We use these technologies to ensure effective communication with our clients. You are welcome to offer any more tools you feel comfortable using in addition to these.

Once you’ve chosen to work with us, we’ll designate a professional project manager, business analyst (BA), or tech leader to help you put the project together.

As part of our overall security strategy, we abide by the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) security guidelines.