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“I was in need of a skilled team of web designers for my eCommerce business. CoTasks took care to understand my business needs and provided an excellent hire service.”

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Bespoke Business Support Services
Legal Services
  • Administrative Work: Professionals to perform legal administrative and secretarial work in law offices
  • Contract Management: Creation, execution, management and analysis of legal contracts with customers, organizations, partners, etc.
  • Document Review: Examination and assessment of legal documents to determine their relevance, responsiveness, and correctness before legal proceedings
  • Legal Assistant: Legal professionals who carry out administrative duties on behalf of lawyers and attorneys
  • Legal Research: Professionals identify and retrieve information in various forms (qualitative, quantitative, descriptive, analytical, applied, conceptual, etc.) to support legal decision-making.
Website Development
  • Website Design: Quality website designs for new or existing websites with responsive UI UX website templates, landing pages, wireframes, and mock-ups.
  • Website Development: Functional website development
  • Frontend Development: Developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript, Laravel, PHP, and other programming languages
  • Back-end Development: Core PHP and for server data and requests to handle all dynamic data
  • Full Stack Developer: Full-stack development solutions for all types of tools and frameworks for various industries, such as Node.js, Rapid js, full-stack, AngularJS, React, MongoDB, Express, jQuery, etc.
  • CodeIgniterFull-featured web application development using CodeIgniter ‘s powerful PHP MVC framework
Human Resources
  • Human Resource Outsourcing: Dedicated outsourced team of specialists to handle all HR administrative duties
  • HR Helpdesk: HR support services for the entire employee lifecycle, ex: hiring, onboarding, payroll, benefits, retirement, etc.
  • Strategic Consulting: Hire high-quality middle management talent and get customized outsourced hiring solutions for your customized organizational needs
  • Virtual Assistants: Professionals that provide all administrative services to clients from a remote location like a Personal Assistant
Software Programmers
  • Web Application Designers: Bespoke web solutions based on emerging web technologies with data security and accessibility from servers
  • Mobile App Developers: Customized mobile app design and development for Android and iOS powered devices, ex: mobile banking & billing, messaging& VoIP, booking & ticketing apps, etc.
  • Cloud Application designers: Ideation, cloud app planning, project planning and architecture design, UI/UX design and research, app development, QA& testing, monitor & support
  • Software Product Development Services: High end software products that include gamification features, immersive AR/VR, image & voice recognition, telecommuting, scheduling & booking services, etc.
  • Software Development for Start-ups: Customized software design and development for start-ups to convert idea into reality
Ecommerce Development Services
  • Ecommerce Strategy & Consultation: Get custom solution suitable for your e-commerce business.
  • Custom eCommerce Design : Create the best user experience and content for your online stores
  • Ecommerce Website Development : Create fast, reliable, and scalable online stores in line with industry trends
  • Ecommerce Website Optimization: Get the maximum benefit out of the online store and top-notch performance.
  • Ecommerce Platform Migration : Services to help in migration of your e-commerce website to the most effective platform with minimum downtime
  • Order Management Solutions : Solutions for custom product delivery requests or product returns on your eCommerce website
  • Cloud Solutions with Scalable Architecture: Solutions to scale up seamlessly as a B2C or a B2B store online
Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO: Services and strategies to keep your business website in the top list of search engine results with keywords, backlinks and internal links
  • Search Engine Marketing or SEM: Craft customized digital marketing and advertisement techniques with keyword based ads for products
  • Social Media Marketing or SMM: Advertise and build your brand on different social media platforms with customized campaigns and strategies
  • Email Outreach: Manage and grow your business email contact list, email personalization, and engaging campaigns for targeted product offers
  • Affiliate Marketing: Partner with influential high-traffic website owners or bloggers to market your products to their audience.
Content Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • SEO Writing
  • Academic Content Writing
  • Website Content Writing,
  • Social Media Content Writing
  • Content Editing
  • Legal Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Generation & Optimization
Customer Service
  • Customer Care Service through telephone, WhatsApp, email, Livechat, and social media channels
  • Inbound & outbound Customer Care Support for complete sales, order taking and processing, order tracking, query handling, telesales, and lead qualifications
  • Technical & Helpdesk Support
  • Complaint Management or Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance in services
Data Entry Operators
  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • Book data entry
  • Resume data entry
  • Image data entry
  • Website data entry
  • Catalog data entry
  • Legal data entry
  • Document data entry
  • Ecommerce data entry
IT Support
  • IT Helpdesk: Professionals to assist in resolving hardware & software related queries from data, voice, and video calls
  • Security Administrator: Cybersecurity personnel to install, administer and troubleshoot an organization’s IT and cyber security solutions. System Administrator: Manage Windows, Linux, or Mac systems, upgrade, install, and configure computer hardware and application software, troubleshoot and provide technical support , create & manage user accounts and system permissions
  • Windows System Administrator: Determine system needs, install hardware & software, manage, and trouble shoot computer systems and networks with Windows OS
  • Network Administrator:Install, configure, and maintain network hardware and software such as routers, switches, and firewalls, protect and secure networks, set up and maintain VPNs or virtual private networks, and resolve network connectivity issues
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Frequently Asked Questions

We at CoTasks provide a complete package of services to suit the needs of our clients. We provide outsourcing solutions to companies in need of professionals with specialized skills. We utilize a carefully designed recruitment process to select candidates and provide them with specialized training to prepare for their role within your company.

Our team provides comprehensive HR recruitment solutions ranging from entry-level HR professionals to C-suite candidates across all sectors and sizes of organizations. We also specialize in multi-location recruitment.

We have a team of qualified and experienced recruitment managers. They shortlist the candidates as per the clients’ job specifications. We ensure to deploy the selected applicants within the time frame given by our client and provide a guarantee for the applicants’ performance, behavior, and productivity. These practices help us benefit our clients and save them valuable time and money.

Many organizations these days prefer to have their workers on contract as the contract staffing process is flexible and less complicated. We have the upper hand amongst other agencies for temporary as well as permanent staffing and contractual services due to our experience and expertise.

Outsourcing your recruitment needs ensures that your business gets the best permanent hires even in challenging markets. You get access to pre-existing talent pools so that if a new position becomes vacant, there are candidates ready to join. The recruitment process is also more cost-effective than traditional recruitment and provides better time-to-hire and quality-of-hire.

Yes, CoTasks recruitment team performs a series of background verification and pre-screening tests as required by clients. We also cover drug-screen tests to ensure you get the right and diligent employees.

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