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Assisting in Talent Acquisition Campaign for ABX


Our client ABX was a start-up firm in the technology sector that needed several professionals across multiple disciplines within a fixed timeline and budget.

The Challenge

We had a round of meetings with ABX and came to the conclusion that they would require a unique solution for recruitment. They had a small budgetary allocation for the hiring process due to a major chunk of the funds being allocated to marketing, sales, and product development. The primary challenge was to provide them with the right candidates with a more economical option.

Process and Insight

Our talent acquisition team worked in partnership with the client to identify the job roles and exact business requirements. With the help of this information, we created the profiles of the required candidates. Our team then devised a comprehensive recruitment sourcing strategy. CoTasks consultants thoroughly researched the candidate market as per the agency’s needs. We shortlisted the candidates with the right mix of personality and professional experience.

The Solution

As part of our recruitment process, we introduced an independent candidate search process at different levels, suitable for different roles. Our consultants arranged an in-depth client briefing before arranging interviews. We then provided a thorough face-to-face candidate screening service and then submitted a refined list of shortlisted candidates to the organization for review. We also prepared a database of all contacted people for future hiring needs.

We completed the final selection process and made the offer to the successful candidates. Our team also provided thorough feedback to the interviewed candidates.

The Results

CoTasks team succeeded in yielding pools of qualified candidates for each open position with ABX. We were able to fill all positions within 30 days within the stipulated time period given by the client. We also delivered the candidate database for future hires and succeeded in getting a contract for a new set of hires for the next 12 months within the client’s budget.

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