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How we helped a Melbourne-based Automobile Company with Image Clipping Support


An Automobile Company from Australia got in touch with us for a large-scale image editing service. There were about 10000 images that needed major enhancement and image clipping. The client was a leading seller in Australia with years of experience in the business of both brand-new and second-hand cars.

The client had a website where they provided all the necessary details about cars and other vehicles along with pictures of models. In addition, they also added a number of images of new models coming in every month. As such, the image requirement for them was huge.

The Challenge

In an attempt to revamp the business and the website, they added a new service. However, as part of the effort, they needed around 10000 images over a period of 14 days. The company had an in-house team, but they were not in a situation to meet this demand due to their busy schedules.

We had a series of consultations with the client to understand their requirement.

  • They needed around 10000 images to be edited and enhanced for uploading to the website.
  • The images have to be enhanced without compromising quality and aesthetic appeal.
  • The turnaround time for all the images was 14 days.

Process and Insight

We took up the project, and our professional and expert image editing team got to work straight from Day 1. The biggest challenge for us was the short turnaround time that the client had asked to submit the final images. For us, the strength of our in-house staff was insufficient to meet this large requirement for photo manipulation services. Also, our editors worked 5 days a week while the client requirement needed us to work round the clock for 14 days. This put forth a pressing need to hire more image editors with the necessary expertise to help us with the project within the stipulated time limit and with top-notch quality.

The Solution

As part of our project strategy, we hired 7 new professional image editors with the necessary clipping path skills who could work for 7 days a week. We made a joint team of our existing image editors and the newly hired ones and divided the assignment into three categories of images — urgent, fast, and regular, based on the complexity of the work required and the turnaround time.

For each category, we fixed the TAT for 2, 4, and 6 hours. Our editors worked with utmost care and precision on licensed image editing software with cutting-edge clipping path techniques to submit the images without lags in timelines.

The Results

With the combined efforts of all our team members, we successfully delivered the photo assignment within the specified time limit by the client. The client expressed satisfaction with our quality work, schedule adherence, and timely project delivery.

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