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Ecommerce Trends to Look Out for in 2022
Ecommerce Trends 2023

Ecommerce trends have witnessed massive changes in the last few years, with many new leanings and takeaways for business. Millions of new e-commerce users are now comfortable with buying online. In addition, with increasing internet penetration, e-commerce players are expecting new growth. This trend has pushed e-commerce platforms worldwide to embrace a wide range of local sellers and regional brands, which offer a compelling value proposition to consumers.

As we enter 2022, e-commerce further expands its presence which nudges us to discuss what lies ahead. Here are the top eCommerce trends for continued business growth.

  • Magic of Video Shopping – It is no secret that video shopping is one of the major trends these days. Live or video shopping comes with video live-streaming to create a live shopping experience. As per a survey, 45% of the online shoppers in China will purchase online with video shopping by 2023.

    This interactive experience showcases shoppable content and allows merchants to bring the in-store experience to life online. This trend is going to grow in the years to come, where videos with integrated e-commerce allow consumers to buy from brands instantly.

  • Virtual Reality Tools – The year has witnessed significant growth in the beauty eCommerce industry. As VR becomes more accessible, market research predicts its usage will gain traction, rising to 64 million by 2022. The emergence of virtual reality tools that will offer seamless virtual shopping experiences with an omnichannel approach will fuel the industry.

    Technology and data science advancements with data-based product development and value-driven experiences will further personalize the customer experience. For example, some luxury fashion and beauty brands are already working closely with Instagram and Snapchat to leverage their capabilities of in-app Shopping, live streaming, and augmented reality to offer a unique experience for every luxury customer.

  • Voice Search-based Shopping – Virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana are great platforms that are exceptionally successful with voice queries. Voice search is undoubtedly the hype these days. Voice-enabled searches make digital Shopping easier and are enormously popular and used extensively for shopping online. The rise of voice-activated products in the online markets predicts a surge in demand for voice-driven user experience.
  • AI in eCommerce – Investing in AI tools and techniques will be beneficial for all kinds of businesses to provide an enhanced shopping experience to online shoppers. AI tools can also scan the customer’s browsing history to predict their shopping habits and recommend shopping suggestions.

    Retailers can now come up with a more personalized shopping experience. Personalization of products by retailers according to customers’ preferences will be the key in 2022. E-commerce platforms can now target consumers based on semantic contextual targeting. The role of AI in eCommerce will only get stronger with time.

  • Rise in Chatbots – Chatbots have changed the customer experience lately and have become quite helpful for improving the overall customer experience while shopping online. As per a Grand View Research report, the chatbot market worldwide is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025. Today, more than 60% of online users use chatbots for customer service inquiries. Even eCommerce websites have started using chatbots to simulate conversations with human users to provide quick and better responses to customer queries. In addition, these chatbots can provide 24X7 support and product guidance and help provide a personalized user experience by collecting user data.

Summing Up

E-commerce brings together technology and people, and the trends keep evolving. The latest trends have put consumers in the driver’s seat, making it imperative for eCommerce businesses to customize their journey. We can, therefore, always look towards the future to learn something new. You can explore these trends and assess and implement them to successfully run your eCommerce business in the years to come.

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