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Cosmetics & Beauty Products Company Modernizes Ecommerce Platform


The client is a well-known name in the cosmetics and beauty products business. They launched their online store 5 years back to keep up with the trends and boost their business profits. However, since the first launch, the online store platform became outdated as technology and customer trends evolved. The client realized the need to be recognized for excellence in both online and offline channels. They approached us to rebuild and redesign their eCommerce strategy.

The Challenge

We recognized the following challenges hampering the growth of the client’s business:

  • The client’s eCommerce platform was more driven by technology than business.
  • Too many software customizations reduced the speed to market for new product and marketing campaigns
  • More time was devoted to the technical aspects of the eCommerce platform and very less time was allocated to running the business.

Process and Insight

We assessed the client’s website and eCommerce platform and checked for performance issues. We identified various issues, such as high catalog load time, site speed, SEO issues, poor site search, and limited mobile experience.

We allocated a team of our eCommerce experts that conducted a quality and risk management assessment. We located the pain points and devised strategies to remove them one by one. We improved upon the site navigation and simplify the checkout experience to enhance customer experience on the site.

The Solution

We redesigned the client’s eCommerce platform with the following changes:

  • Improved product copy and product designs
  • Compelling product descriptions
  • No lazy time to update the product catalog
  • Creating responsive Mobile First design
  • Integrating Out-of-Stock notifications
  • Improving the review process with emails
  • Enhancing site SEO with a robust site search engine

The Results

We were able to improve the site speed and work on an intuitive user interface and design suitable for contemporary websites. The integration of an internal search engine into the website enhanced their e-commerce sales online and revenue by up to 50% with a better search experience.

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