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Development of Omni Channel Retail Solution for a Furniture Business


Our client ABC owned a furniture store in New Jersey where they sold a large variety of utility furniture in wood, leather, and glass. The company had experience in selling furniture items. However, now they wanted to introduce their products online to maximize their reach and conversions. They wanted to work on the idea that it would be great to pursue new customers online on various channels. They were looking for a robust and cost-effective platform to support an online store.

The Challenge

We had our usual rounds of consultation with the client’s team to understand their concern and requirements. After a series of talks, we identified the following problem areas:

  • The customer desired to revamp the existing sales platform and restructure their product portfolio.
  • They wanted to focus sales on an intuitive and user-friendly website with high performance.
  • The website faced several technical issues and lacked a streamlined SCM or Source Code Management approach.
  • The website showed errors in the usage of various CI/CD tools.

We were entrusted with the task of migrating their e-store services to a custom-made eCommerce platform that was more scalable and faster.

Process and Insight

Our CoTasks eCommerce marketplace support team did some research to know about the online visibility and market standing of the client’s mainstream products. Based on our results, we devised a thoughtful eCommerce and marketing strategy. We focussed on the ideal of products that the best way to present the customer’s store online was to resort to active branding and sales on the company’s website as well as all reputed online marketplaces. The customer’s website also needed a new series of promotional campaigns.

The Solution

CoTasks experienced Magento 2 experts, and web designers sat together to develop a plan to overhaul the customer’s website and enhance its overall performance. We gave the eCommerce store a fresh and more intuitive design using Magento 2 with a new theme and seamless PWA implementation. Our experts also assisted in catalog management, customers details migration, and order processing from the existing system to the new one.

We also integrated a customer support chat service component on their website. For ease of mobile users, we even designed a Mobile-First UI with additional PWA features. We also implemented an Omni-channel marketing and sales strategy to allow products from their retail store to be visible online in as many marketplaces as possible.

The Results

Our team successfully redesigned the website to improve its user interface, performance, and conversion ratio manifold. The CX was enhanced considerably and led to repeat purchases from existing customers as well as the generation of new leads. We used Headless Magento to present our client with a highly scalable and faster eCommerce solution.

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